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By using this website (estraad.com) and the Estraad Meet platform (meet.estraad.com), you agree to our Terms of Use. These terms can be subject to change in the future.

Access to our website and services

Estraad aims to provide a stable and friendly environment for our users. Any activity that aims to disrupt our services are forbidden. By using our website and our virtual environments you agree that Estraad can disable parts of - or all functionality related to your account regardless of your purchase history. You agree that Estraad can suspend your account if it is related to any of the points below:
* Using disruptive software, tools or activity that prevent Estraad services or the functionality of services from operating normally.
* Harassing, disrupting, or otherwise ruining the good vibes in the 3D virtual environments
* Using content from Estraad website, Estraad events, or the content provided in live streams from our customers without written permission by Estraad / Garnes Data AS.

Garnes Data AS and its partners reserves all rights to the website, Estraad Meet (meet.estraad.com) and the software running on this website and our related services. Content provided by third parties such as live and prerecorded video and audio are not to be redistributed or recorded without written permission from Garnes Data AS.

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