Ungt Entrepenørskap

Estraad created a virtual trade fair for Oslo’s best young entrepreneurs to present their projects in a whole new way to the jury and their peers. Allowing a deeper engagement with the process and encouraging synergies between the projects.


Ungt Entrepenørskap


Trade Fair - Education


Spring 2021

The Challenge

For the championship of Oslo’s best youth company organised by Ungt Entrepenørskap, it was of major importance to give the opportunity for each youth company to present their projects not only by a video conference, images, or videos, but to also be able to meet members of the jury, teachers as well as other students and guests to present their vision and have some face-to-face conversation. In the regular physical event, the groups would create physical stands to welcome visitors and have a discussion enhanced by their presentation material on display.

The events’ aim was, besides the Jury’s evaluation of the winner projects, to facilitate exchange between the different groups to inspire and support each other.

Ungt Entrepenørskap - Jury members talking to the young entrepeneurs

The Solution

We created several connected rooms to allow for the different activities during the program. Starting off in a main room with a live stream to the events’ organisers present at Sentralen, we would have short pitches by each group via video conference. After the initial stream everybody would move on to explore the rooms of the groups that just pitched to explore the projects in more detail. This would allow the jury to dig a bit deeper on certain subjects and give the groups the opportunity to present their visions once again in conjunction with their project material and in a direct conversation.

The rooms were designed to reflect the visual identity of Ungt Entrepreneurship, while allowing flexibility and input from the project groups, featuring presentation material such as process images, roll-ups and videos on their vision. Each project room further featured blackboards for the different groups to leave each other comments, inspiration and suggestions.

Ungt Entrepenørskap - Project room blackboard and process pictures

Presenting their projects not only over screen sharing but in a shared reference space was highly beneficial for the students. Once again, we witnessed the relevance of a project room in communicating ideas and processes. Making it possible to visualise several aspects and elements of a project and being able to present it in a flexible narrative by just leading the visitor through the space enables a much deeper and more holistic presentation and communication of complex projects.

Ungt Entrepenørskap - Discussion between young entrepeneurs and supervisors
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