Interaction beyond borders

Estraad is a platform for immersive interaction.  No matter if you want to run a focused workshop with your team of five, teach and engage a class of twenty, or host an international conference for hundreds - We tailor virtual spaces for your specific needs.  

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Education, Workshops, Collaboration, Persistent spaces, Remote Work

Conferences, Gatherings, Mingle, Meetings, Live Events

Exploration, Innovation, Accessibility, Development

Museums, Galleries,
Art, Preservation, Showrooms

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Estraad features a variety of features and components to bring value and excitement to our virtual worlds. The development team is also always ready to create or adapt functionality to clients specific use cases.


  • Up to 25 users in one room
  • Chain rooms seamlessly together for larger events
  • Use our existing scenes or have us design a bespoke experience
  • Present, share and collaborate
  • Make your room and its content persist through sessions, meetups and iterations - for years!


  • Spatialized, positional audio and voice communication
  • Personalised avatars
  • Share multiple webcams and screens
  • Reactions and hand raising


  • Throw it around (with physics) or place it in designated spaces
  • Explore 3D models together with a custom annotation system
  • Share PDFs, audio, images, video, 3D models, and more with other users
  • Live stream content with professional grade solutions
  • Granular permissions per-room and "room owner" functionality

A browser is all you need

Estraad runs directly in the browser, no matter if you use a Mac, Windows, Phone, Laptop, or even VR equipment. Just click a link - no downloads or accounts needed. Meet up in a room on various equipment and see the same things

Unlimited possibilities

We create engaging spaces for your individual needs. Visiting an exhibition with your friends, joining a workshop, moving easily in between small groups for deeper discussions or have a private chat with a friend during a work event.

At Estraad you can move around freely and simply choose who to talk to by moving closer to them - just like in the real world.

Create and move images, text, videos and 3D models in space, get creative with 3D drawings and of course easily share your screen or webcam with others. Employing a multitude of tools to support input and engagement from all participants makes for successful and memorable events.  

Seasonal room

A 3D environment scene with snow and a tree with christmas decorations.Visit Room

Virtual Office

A 3D scene with a corporate office design.Visit Room

Workshop Room

A 3D scene with open space, walls specifically for colaborationVisit Room

Why go virtual?


Engaging the right participants

Geographical and economic aspects can often affect possibilities for participation. Virtual attendance makes it possible to engage the right people no matter their point of origin.

It also utilises the participant’s time for efficiently, making it more likely to engage individuals with busy schedules.

Estraad makes it possible to engage the right people when it matters most.


Inclusive by design

People are different and capturing everybody’s input can be difficult in physical settings.

Virtual events allow for a multitude of tools and a variety of input possibilities to encourage participation from the entire team, providing all people with the same opportunities.  

We are constantly developing new tools for better inclusivity.


Enabling sustained cocreation

While physical workshops and collaborative meetings do certainly spark a lot of energy in a project, the energy usually drops once the participants part ways. With virtual project rooms it is possible to maintain the momentum of the group and the development.

Estraad helps to maintain continuity in projects regardless of physical distance, time zones or group size. Enable the culture of having a persistent project room in ways that video conferencing can’t uphold.



We help you to create the best solution!

Physical or virtual event, video conference or live stream, VR workshop or round table discussion – it doesn’t have to be a choice but can mean combining the best of different worlds. Many of our projects are approached as hybrid events – let us help you find the best way.

It’s not all about technology. Choosing the right features, planning, and organising your virtual event, making your content look great, training your peers and of course supporting you during the event - we are there to make things smooth.

With our teams’ background in event management, computer science, cyber security, research, and education, we will support and advise you throughout the process.  Just get in touch for a chat!
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